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 Miami-Ryan, Long, or Dorsey

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PostSubject: Miami-Ryan, Long, or Dorsey   Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:55 pm

If Bill Parcells believes that Beck isn't there guy, they will probably pick Ryan. Ryan is extremely talented and by far the best QB in the draft. Now i have been against picking Ryan because i believe Beck can be good and hasnt has a fair shot yet, but if parcells doesnt believe beck is the guy then you know he wont feel bad for taking ryan.

I think if Parcells thinks Beck could be the guy or would like to see how he preforms this year, the number 1 pick will be Chris Long or Glen Dorsey. I'd prefer Long but Dorsey would be great too. Both the DE and DT classes are deep this year. Chris Long fits our system a little better than dorsey but i believe both could be very sucessful next year in a phin uniform.

I really think the best thing for miami to do is trade down and pick up picks. I'd love to trade down a couple times like atlanta then dallas but i dont see that happening. I think the most realistic trade would be with dallas for #22, #28, #59 and possibly a player like Spears (on trading block). That would be EXTREMELY helpful in a rebuilding phase.

Taking a OT, WR, DT, DE (Spears), TE, CB all need to be picks this year and probably high ones. If we traded down we could get most of them pretty high.

1.OT Otah (beef up and solidify our line)
1.CB Roger-Cramartie (Need a #1 CB to help out Allen)
2.WR Hardy (Huge WR with great hands and productive in college)
2.DT Red Bryant (best NT in draft)or QB Joe Flacco (has a canyon for an arm)
2.TE Bennett (big TE-BP type of TE, need a TE to help out QB)
3.MLB Bell (Big MLB-BP type MLB, need to add to LB core)
4.SS Calib Campbell (Huge S with good Speed) or Andrew Baine OG (great run blocker) or Jason Jones DE (if no Spears)

These are just some guys who i think can help us out at each picks.
And thats without FA.
I think this would be a huge step forward in rebuilding the Dolphins.


"You lose with potential. You win with performance."...Bill Parcells

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PostSubject: Re: Miami-Ryan, Long, or Dorsey   Wed Feb 13, 2008 6:09 pm

In my opinion, I think they should stick with Beck. The kid is still young, and with another receiver, a better o-line and Ronnie Brown back from injury he just might prove to be a good QB. With that said, I think they will go D-line with the first pick and I'm predicting they will draft Sedrick Ellis from USC. He looked amazing in the Senior Bowl and really impressed me. Really, either him or Dorsey would be great for the Dolphins, but I think the Ellis would be a better nose tackle in a 3-4 defense.
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Miami-Ryan, Long, or Dorsey
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